Edit Organization Reversion Details Tab

The Edit Organization Reversion Detail tab includes the object codes and carry forward/reversion rules by organization reversion category. Fields indicated as required are only required if that organization reversion category is completed.

This tab must be completed regardless of the carry forward indicator in the Edit Organization Reversion tab.


Edit Organization Reversion Details tab definition




Category Name

Display-only. Identifies a pre-defined organization reversion category. The categories include 'Org Wages,' 'Salary/Fringes,' 'Financial Aid,' 'Reserve,' 'Transfer Out,' 'Transfer In,' 'Travel,' 'Other Expense,' 'Assess Expend, and Revenue.

Object Code


Required. The object code to be used in generated carry forward entries by object code when the Carry Forward Object Code Indicator is selected. Existing object codes may be retrieved from the lookup icon-magnifying-glass.

Object Code Name

The descriptive name associated with the object code above

Org Reversion Code

Required. The code that identifies a particular combination of carry forward and reversion rules that may be retrieved from the list (codes are described below).



Carry Forward Rules