Labor Ledger Scrubber

The 'Labor Ledger Scrubber’ (laborScrubberJob) accepts pending entries generated by Labor Ledger e-docs such as Benefit Expense Transfer (BT), Salary Transfer (ST), and Labor Journal Voucher (LLJV) and combines them with entries from external systems. The scrubber edits the entries for validity. Invalid entries may be corrected using the Labor Ledger Error Correction (LLCP) document discussed later in this section.

The 'Labor Ledger Scrubber' performs validation of data including the addition of some missing values, validation against the Chart of Accounts and the application of continuation account logic before passing the data to the Labor Ledger Poster, where the transactions are posted to the Labor Ledger.

Unlike the 'G/L Scrubber, in there are no offsets generated by the 'Labor Scrubber'.

The 'Labor Ledger Scrubber' process generates various assurance reports as it validates transactions. Note that the following reports, along with the demerger report discussed later, are combined into a single report (laborScrubberJob) in the default configuration but are shown individually below for clarity.

The Labor Scrubber Report (labor_scrubber_report) section looks like this:

The Labor Scrubber Bad Balances Report (labor_scrubber_badbal) section looks like this:

The Labor Scrubber Ledger Report (labor_scrubber_ledger) section looks like this:


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