Document Layout


The Vendor Type document includes the Edit Vendor Type tab. The system automatically enters data into both the Old and New sections in this tab. Selected data fields are available for editing.

Edit Vendor Type tab definition



Vendor Type Code

The code used to identify this vendor type.

Vendor Type Description

Required. The familiar title of this vendor type.

Address Type Required

Required. The Address type that is required for this vendor type code. Existing address types may be retrieved from the list or from the lookup searchicon.

Tax Number Required

Indicates if a vendor of this type is required to have a tax number. Remove this check mark if this tax number is not required.

Type Change Allowed

Indicates if a vendor of this type can be changed to another vendor type after creation. Remove this mark if this tax type change is not allowed.

Vendor Contract Allowed

Indicates whether a vendor of a specific type will allow contracts to be created and maintained. (For example, a Disbursement Voucher type would not allow contracts.)

Show Review Page

Indicates if the vendor review page text should be shown on the review page. Remove this check mark if not desired.

Commodity Code Required

Indicates that a commodity code is required. Remove this check mark if a commodity code is optional.

Vendor Review Page Text

Optional. In the last stage of adding a vendor, the system displays a review page where the user sees a snapshot of the information for the vendor. Text entered in this field will be displayed to the user on the review page and is for informational purposes only. For example, you might use it to explain what will happen to the Vendor document after it is submitted and what further actions need to be taken.

exclaim    Note: Due to security changes made in KFS 3.0, you must replace regular html <> brackets with square brackets [] in order to make vendor review page text display properly. Also, you must not use [table] or [a href]. [br] can be used but not [br/].

Active Indicator


Indicates whether this vendor type code is active or inactive. Remove the check mark to deactivate.


Pre-Disbursement Processor