Proposal Maintenance Tab

The Proposal Maintenance tab maintains basic information identifying the project this proposal represents, including information on the sponsoring agency, project dates, funding and purpose.


Proposal Maintenance tab definition




Proposal Number

Display-only. System-generated number that uniquely identifies a single proposal.



Required. Select or search searchicon for a status that describes the current state of the project. Statuses include:

A = Award. An agreement has been reached and received.

P = Proposal. The proposal is still pending agency approval or an official agreement.

R = Rejected. Funding for the proposal has been rejected by the granting agency.

U = Underwrite. The internal organization associated with the proposal has agreed to underwrite current expenses related to the project even though a formal agreement has yet to be received from the granting agency.

W = Withdrawn. The institution has chosen to withdraw the request for funding from the agency.

exclaim    All new proposals being submitted to funding agencies should use the status of 'P.' When a proposal is awarded, the AWRD document is created and routed. Upon fully routing the AWRD document, the status for the associated proposal is automatically changed from 'P' to 'A' to indicate that the proposal was awarded. Likewise, creating an award but coding the status as 'U' should also initiate a similar change on the associated proposal so that it also has a status of 'U.

Agency Number

Required. Enter the unique number that identifies the agency to which this proposal has been made, or search for it from the Agency lookup searchicon.

Agency Name

Automatically displays after Agency Number is selected.

Project Title

Required. Enter the title of the project.

Start Date

Required. Enter the date that the project is proposed to begin or select it from the calendar .

Stop Date

Required. Type the proposed date on which the project ends or select it from the calendar .

Direct Cost Amount

Required. An estimate of the direct costs that is charged to the proposed award during the time frame specified by the start and stop dates (for example, salary, fringe benefits, materials, supplies, travel, shipping, communications, etc.); 15-digit monetary box.

Indirect Cost Amount

Required. An estimate of the dollar amount of indirect costs to be charged to the project during the time frame specified by the start and stop dates (for example, a percentage of the direct costs budgeted); 15-digit monetary box

Total Amount

System-calculated sum of direct + indirect costs.

Submission Date

Required. Enter the date the proposal is submitted to the agency or select it from the calendar .

Close Date

Required. This is the date the system manager closes out business for the month. Changes made to an award with a close date may alter institutional report records. System-generated.


Required. The kind of proposal being submitted (or grant type being applied for). New default is N. Single alpha character codes from which to choose are:

C: Non-Competing/Continuation
E: Supplement
N: New
R: Continuation/Competing


Required. The reason the grant is being requested (nature of work to be completed). Select from the menu or enter one of the following from the lookup searchicon.

A: Instructional
C: Research
F: Public Service
G: Academic Support
H: Student Services
S: Scholarships & Fellowships
X: Default

Grant Number

Optional. A number that uniquely identifies a specific contract or grant, as assigned by the external grant-awarding agency. (27 character field)

pencil-small    This may also serve as an identifier for a particular award after its acceptance.

Federal Pass Through


Optional. Select the check box to indicate that this proposal involves federal pass-thru funds (a federal agency awards money to the non-Federal granting agency which in turn is passed along to your institution through an award)

Federal Pass Through Agency Number

Optional. Enter the five-character code that uniquely identifies the federal agency from which the funding originates, or search for it from the lookup searchicon.

Federal Pass Through Agency Name

Optional. The originating agency of any federal pass-through funds for this proposal. System-generated and updatable only upon a change in the Federal Pass Through Agency Number.

CFDA Number

Optional. Enter the six-digit Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number provided by the agency, or search for it from the CFDA Number lookup searchicon.

Fellow Name

Optional. Enter the name(s) of fellowship(s) recipient(s) funded by this proposal.

Due Date

Optional. Enter the agency's deadline for acceptance of the application (proposal being considered) or select it from the calendar .

Rejected Date

Enter the date the agency rejected (or the institution withdrew) the proposal (when applicable), or search for it from the calendar .

pencil-small    When the proposal status is changed to R or W, the box automatically displays the current date, with an option to change.


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