Asset Transfer Information Tab

This tab contains a section on the left labeled Old for the current information on the asset and a New section on the right for the information updated by the transfer. On the Asset Transfer document, the user may create an audit history by checking the Interdepartmental Sales Indicator. This then requires an entry in the Transfer of Fund Document Number field. (When there is an interdepartmental sale of equipment, a Transfer of Funds document must be processed in addition to the Asset Transfer document.)

Asset Transfer Information tab definition




Organization Owner Chart Of Accounts Code

Required. Enter the chart code for the receiving organization or search for the code from the Chart lookup searchicon.

    When the parameter Accounts_Can_Cross_Charts is set to 'No', the system derives the chart code from the account number entered, and an entry in this field is not required.

Organization Owner Account Number

Required. Enter the account number for the receiving organization or search for the number from the Account lookup searchicon.

Organization Code


Display-only. Filled in automatically based on the chart code and account number.

Interdepartmental Sales Indicator

Required. Check the checkbox if the asset transfer is an interdepartmental sale. Leave it blank if it is not. Checking this box makes an entry in the Transfer Of Funds Financial Document Number field required.

Transfer Of Funds Financial Document Number

Required when the Interdepartmental Sales Indicator is checked. Enter the document number of the financial document that moved the monies for this asset transfer. (This entry is for creating an audit trail only.)


Asset Location Tab