Pre-Asset Tagging Lookup

When you choose Pre-Asset Tagging from the Capital Asset Builder submenu group in the Lookup and Maintenance submenu on the Main Menu tab, the system displays the Pre-Asset Tagging Lookup screen.

The initial display is a form that allows you to search for an asset or assets in your data base. The form provides access to existing asset information. You may use any, all, or none of the fields on the form as search parameters. Logical operators are also permitted within the fields.

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After you search, the system displays a table containing key data for the assets that meet your search criteria.

Pre Asset Tagging Lookup definition




Purchase Order Number

Optional. Enter the number assigned to the purchase order to which the payment is posted.

Item Line Number

Optional. Enter the line number for the asset on the PO.

Quantity Ordered

Optional. Enter quantity of this asset that was ordered.

Tag Number


Optional. Enter the unique identification number issued by the university to be affixed to the asset.

Serial Number


Optional. Enter the unique identification number assigned to the asset by the manufacturer.

Purchase Order Line Item Description

Optional. Enter a description of the asset.

Active Indicator


Optional. Indicates whether the asset is active in CAM or not.

The search results table contains the fields described above along with an Actions column that provides edit and copy links that allow you to change and copy existing table entries. Additionally, the create new button at the top right of the lookup form allows you to add new table entries.


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