Business Rules

     For information about the layout of the data import template for this e-doc, see Standard Business Rules.

In addition to the standard business rules for endowment transactions, the following business rules apply to cash increase transactions:

      When you initiate an e-doc, the system sets the Transaction Sub Type value to 'Cash.' You cannot change this value.

      When you access the document, the Security Details tab is closed because input of a security ID is optional.

      If you specify a security, only one security may be entered and it will apply to all transaction lines. Any security information you enter is for reference only; it is not used for system processing.

      The KEMID you specify on each transaction line must be valid and must not be closed.

      The Etran code you specify must be valid for use with the KEMID.

      If you add a transaction for which the Etran code affects corpus, the system updates the KEMID's corpus value accordingly.