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Edit Invoice Item Code tab definition



Item Code

Required. A identifying code for this item; must be unique within the billing codes for the billing organization.

Item Description

Required. A description of this item; used as the invoice line item description and displays on the printed invoice.

Item Price

Optional. The unit price for this item.

Item Quantity

Optional. The standard quantity for this item. This value will be multiplied by the item price to arrive at the pre-sales-tax invoice line item total.

Item Unit Of Measure

Optional. The unit of measure for this item. Existing item unit of measure may be retrieved from the lookup searchicon.

Priority Code

Optional. A code which identifies the priority to be used by the system to apply business rules for applying payments in the system generated Application Payments.

Customer Source Code

Required. Select from the drop down list a customer source code which identifies the different customer source codes configured in the Accounts Receivable module. This additional field allows auto generated documents based on business rules in the Kuali Accounts Receivable document.

Active Indicator


Indicates whether this invoice item code is active or inactive. Remove the check mark to deactivate this code.


Optional. Indicates if this item is subject to sales tax. Remove the check mark to exempt from sales tax.


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