Collapse All Accounts

To collapse the accounting lines for all items in the Current Items section, follow these steps. (This procedure is the equivalent of clicking the Accounting Lines hide button for each item listed.)

1.     Click collapse all accounts.

2.     All account displays are hidden.

Capital Asset Tab

The Capital Asset tab identifies high-value assets that must be accounted for as capital investments. Initially, this tab contains a single section—System Selection. Whether or not asset information is required on a purchase order depends on the 'CHARTS REQUIRING …' parameter. Qualifying items are determined by the 'CAPITALIZATION LIMIT AMOUNT' and 'PURCHASING ACCOUNTS PAYABLE OBJECT LEVELS' parameters.

System Selection section definition



Capital Asset System Type

Optional. Select the type of system that the capital asset belongs to.

Capital Asset System State

Optional. Select the system state from the list. For example, the user may choose to modify an existing system by adding items from this PO or use this PO to start a new system.


Optional. Click the  button to identify the items in this PO as capital assets. Both of the above fields must have entries in order for the  button to work.


CAMs Items Section