Assigning Action Detail Values

When adding a responsibility with an Action Detail Values at Role Member Level value of 'False,' you must complete additional fields in a Responsibility Action sub-section. The system displays this section immediately beneath the responsibility you've just added.

The fields in this sub-section define the type of action requests generated for and the general workflow behavior associated with this responsibility. Entries in these fields cause the system to generate the same type of action requests for all members of this role and handle actions by all members in the same way.

Responsibility Action subsection definition




Display only. The namespace and name of the responsibility associated with these action details.

Action Type Code

Required. The type of action request that the system is to generate for this responsibility. Options include Approve, FYI and Acknowledge.

Priority Number

Optional. If multiple requests are generated at the route node specified on this responsibility, this value determines in the order in which the system will generate these requests. The system processes requests with lower priority numbers before processing requests with higher numbers. Requests with no number are treated as a priority of 1.

Action Policy Code

Required. This value determines what happens if multiple members of this role receive the same action request and one of them takes the action. This currently only applies in situations where a single action request is generated to multiple role members (i.e. the action details exist at the role level) or a role is assigned to another role and these nested role members receive an action request. For example, if a role with a responsibility with action details defined at the role level has three members assigned, all of these members receive the action request defined here; this code determines what the system does when one of them takes action on the document.

A value of FIRST indicates that the first role member to take action on the document will automatically clear all the requests for this responsibility that may be in other role member's action lists.

A value of ALL indicates that each role member must take individual action to clear his or her requests.

Force Action


Check the box to indicate that each user must take this action for this request even if the user has already previously taken action on this document. Leaving the box unchecked allows a request to be immediately fulfilled if the role member has previously taken action on this specific document.


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