Initiating an Labor Journal Voucher Document

1.     Select Labor Journal Voucher from the Main menu tab.

2.     Log into the KFS as necessary.

The system displays a blank LLJV document.

3.     Complete the standard tabs.

go-arrow-red         For information about the standard tabs, such as Document Overview, Notes and Attachments, Ad Hoc Recipients, Route Log, and Accounting Lines, see Standard Tabs.

4.     Complete the Labor Distribution Journal Voucher Details tab and the Accounting Lines tab.

5.     Click buttonsmall_submit.

The document is now 'FINAL'.

6.     Review the Labor Ledger Pending Entries tab.

Unlike the Salary Expense Transfer, the LLJV will not automatically generate fringe benefits when moving salary expenses.

7.     Review the Route Log tab.

No approval is required.

go-arrow-red     For more information about the Route Log, see Route Log.