Business Rules

      For capital assets the building code is the building in which the asset is located. The asset category identified by the asset type determines whether a building code, room number or off-campus information is required. For this reason the asset type must be specified before the building and room number are entered.

      For non-capital assets a building code or room number is not required. For this reason asset status must be entered before the building code, or room number is entered. If these values are entered non-capital assets, they must be valid.

      Any asset type code with the 'moving code' indicator checked requires a valid campus, building code and room number combination, or an off-campus address. All asset type codes for movable equipment have this code checked.

      Any asset type code with the 'reg bldg' indicator checked requires a building code. Asset type codes for buildings have this code checked.

      Any asset type code with both 'moving code,' and 'reg bldg' indicators unchecked requires a campus code but no building or room number. Asset type codes for land, land improvements, and leasehold improvements have these codes unchecked.


Adding a Location to the Asset Detail Information