Performing Custom Document Searches

Choosing any of the Custom Document Searches options from the KFS Main Menu tab causes the system to display a standard Document Lookup screen that contains a few slight changes to accommodate the type of search you have elected to perform. After you retrieve documents, your role determines whether you have view-only permission or a variety of maintenance permissions that allow you to change the documents.

Custom Document Searches submenu

Menu Group


Financial Transactions

Provides search capabilities that help you easily locate financial transaction documents because it includes additional fields such as account number and total amount.




Provides searches for customer invoices, customer credit memos, customer invoice write-offs, cash controls, and payment applications.

Capital Asset Management

Provides searches for asset maintenance documents.

Contracts & Grants

Allows search for proposals within the Contracts & Grants module.

Effort Certification

Allows search for effort certifications derived from salary and benefit data for use with Federal grants.

Financial Processing

Allows search for disbursement vouchers with additional data fields.


Accounts Payable


Allows searches for a variety of Purchasing and AP documents using standard search fields along with additional fields that are unique to each document type. Search documents include Electronic Invoice Rejects, Payment Requests, Purchase Orders, Receiving, Requisitions, and Vendor Credit Memos.


Common Features and Search Options

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