Overview Tab

This tab identifies the group with a unique system-assigned ID number, a namespace and a name. Each group also has a type that specifies any qualifiers that this group might require.

Overview tab definition



Group ID

Display only. The unique system-assigned ID number that identifies this group. The system completes this field when you submit the document.

Type Name

Required. The type of definitions that will be associated with this group. Some group types, such as the Default Type, require no definitions to be collected.

go-arrow-red   When creating a new group, you must select the Type before the system can generate the document. See Creating New Groups.

Group Namespace

Required. An indicator that associates the group with a particular application and module.

Group Name

Required. The common descriptive name by which this group is known.


Check this box to indicate that this Group is active and is a valid choice for assigning to roles. Uncheck the box to indicate that this group is inactive (no longer valid when making role assignments).


Creating New Groups