Purchase Order Detail Section

Purchase Order Detail section definition






Required. Automatically completed based on the requisition's chart/organization. May be changed manually by clicking the lookup _searchicon.

Receiving Required

Optional. This flag can be set by a Purchasing Processor while a PO is 'in process'. If the field is checked manually, the system will not use receiving thresholds to determine whether receiving is required.

If the field is checked, a line item Receiving document must be processed with sufficient quantities received before a payment will route to the fiscal officer. After the PO is approved, this value cannot be changed.

Requisition Source


Display-only. Indicates whether the requisition that spawned (created) this PO was input directly or created in some other way such as B2B.

Contract Manager


Display-only. The name of the contract manager for this PO. If the PO status is 'In Process,' 'Waiting for Vendor,' or 'Waiting on Department,' the Contract Manager lookup searchicon may be used to change the contract manager.

Assigned to User

Allows a user to take ownership of an in-process document. Users can then easily find documents they are working on.

Use Tax Indicator

Display-only if the 'ENABLE SALES TAX IND' parameter is set to 'Y;' otherwise, this field does not display at all. Indicates whether or not sales or use tax applies to this PO.

Funding Source


Display-only. The funding source for the PO; derived from the requisition.

Payment Request Positive Approval Required

Optional. The 'DEFAULT POS APPRVL LMT' parameter determines the dollar limit at which payment requests must receive positive approval from a fiscal officer. If selected, this field overrides the parameter and requires positive approval on the payment request regardless of the total of the payment.

Previous Purchase Order #

Optional. Identifies the previous PO number associated with this purchase order. This field is typically used to identify the converted PO number from a legacy purchasing system.

Purchase Order Confirmed Indicator

Optional. Select this box to indicate that this PO is being created after the purchase has been made. This field may be used to track instances in which users did not properly create a requisition before making a purchase. In this case, the PO is being processed only to enter the transaction into the KFS.

Requisition Source

Display-only. Indicates whether the requisition that created this PO was input directly or created in some other way such as B2B.

Account Distribution Method

Defaults to the Account Distribution Method (either proportional or sequential) from the Requisition e-doc. Before a Payment Request has been processed against the PO, users in the Purchasing Processor role may change this value on an in-process Purchase Order or on a PO Amendment.


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