The University of Kuali has designed and implemented a process (CSF process) that populates the Calculated Salary Foundation Tracker (CSFT) table (ld_csf_tracker_t) using information contained in the institution's payroll system. Organization A at the University has found that one of its employees has a base salary amount in the Budget Construction Salary Setting system that incorrectly contains additional pay meant only as a one-time benefit.

Normally, these types of errors are due to incorrect data input to the Payroll system, and the fix is to correct the data there, in which case the next run of CSF produces the correct base salary amount. Instead, in the interest of time or other reason, the organization decides that the base salary amount in CSF needs to be overridden. A maintenance user for Organization A uses a Budget Construction Calculated Salary Foundation Tracker Override maintenance document to create an override row using appropriately matching accounting key values along with the correct base salary. The corrected base salary is placed into the CSFT table by the CSF process the next time it runs. The corrected base salary is also copied to Budget Construction by the nightly update portion of Genesis the next time it runs.


Fiscal Year Function Control