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Message of the Day


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The Message of the Day document updates a message that appears KFS portal. It is an easy way to share information with KFS users and can be updated at any time.

exclaim     Only members of the KFS-SYS Manager role can create or edit Message of the Day documents.


All three menu tabs include the Message of the Day at the top of the screen to quickly distribute messages to all KFS users on-line.

pencil-small     Updating the Message of the Day: If no message of the day is defined in the system, the Message of the Day area is not displayed on the screen. To define the message of the day, initiate the Message of the Day e-doc from the Administration menu tab. See Message of the Day.


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SSearch for Oringin Code



Select Origin Code to maintain Message of the Day.


Document Layout

Enter the changes in the message of the Day.


The Message of the Day document contains the Edit Message of the Day tab.  The system automatically enters data into both the Old and New sections. Selected data fields are available for editing.

Edit Message of the Day tab definition



Financial System Origination Code

Required. Enter the code that identifies the instance of KFS in which you want the message to appear.

Message of the Day

Optional. Enter the text you want KFS users to see as the message of the day.


No routing involved change goes to FINAL.