Enterprise Feed Upload

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pencil-small.gif     Enterprise Feed Upload is for trusted feeds from enterprise-level applications such as your institution's Bursar/Student System, Travel, Labor, etc. This function was created to allow small institutions to manually load these feeds for processing by accounting cycle. The system performs very little validation on Enterprise feed files.

When the user selects the Enterprise Feed Upload option from the Administration menu tab, the system displays the Enterprise Feeder Batch Upload screen. This document provides the ability to manage the enterprise batch feed files. Enterprise Feed files will be processed by the General Ledger and are intended for uploading files from trusted sources, such as enterprise level applications at your institution.

The Enterprise Feeder Batch Upload screen functions a bit differently than the other batch upload screens in KFS. The enterprise upload requires that the user upload a GL data file (in flat file format) and a reconciliation file. The reconciliation file includes the total amount and number of transactions in the data file. If the reconciliation file does not match the data file, the files will not successfully upload through this interface.

This menu is available only to the members of the KFS-SYS Operations role.


General Ledger Flat File Format

Enterprise Feed Reconciliation Flat File Format