Enterprise Feed Reconciliation Flat File Format

go-arrow-red   For information on procedures that apply to all KFS batch uploads on the Administration menu, see Batch Upload Basics.

      When using the Enterprise Batch Feed upload, you must submit a reconciliation (recon) file along with the entry file. This file verifies the count of records and the dollar amount of your entry file. If these files do not reconcile, KFS will not process the file and will generate an error message on the Enterprise Feed report.

      The file will contain three types of rows as detailed below. Each element of each row must be separated by a single space and each row ends with a semi-colon.

A “c” row identifying the table being impacted (gl_entry_t) and the row count of the data file. For example: c gl_entry_t 0000000002;

An “S” row identifying the field where the dollar amount is found (trn_ldgr_entr_amt) and the dollar amount of the data file. For example: s trn_ldgr_entr_amt +00000000027680.00;

An “e” row identifying the number of “c” and “s” rows found in the reconciliation file (always 2 for GL files). For example: e 02;

So an entire reconciliation made up of these rows would contain the following:

c gl_entry_t 0000000002;

s trn_ldgr_entr_amt +00000000027680.00;

e 02;

Enterprise Feed Reconciliation flat file format




Special Formatting

C row count




S row transaction ledger amount



Signed amount field with 2 decimal places

E row checksum total





Chart of Accounts (COA)