Canceling and Reissuing a Payment

After a payment has been disbursed, it may be necessary to cancel the previous disbursement and reissue it as a new disbursement.

Follow the steps noted above to cancel a payment that has already been disbursed and send it back to 'Open' status so that it may again be eligible for formatting.

Users with the KFS-PDP Manager role may cancel a payment.

1.     Search for the payment and click the Reissue Cancel link.

2.     Enter a note indicating why this payment is being canceled and reissued.

3.     Click .

The system sets the payment status back to "Open" and creates GL entries to reverse the original disbursement's GL entries. From this point on, the system treats the payment like other Open payments (that is, it treats the payment just as it treats new payments coming into PDP before they are disbursed). The payment will be picked up the next time payments are formatted, it will be disbursed again, and it will be assigned a new disbursement date and disbursement number.


Setting a Payment for Immediate Print