Standard Data Entry, Selection, Action, and Navigation Tools

Online forms within this web-based software application allow you to enter and select information and to perform actions and navigate, both within and outside the system. The following table briefly outlines the basic tools.

Basic KFS tools


KFS Reference / Description

text box

box (a.k.a. edit box, text box, or entry field): A rectangular box in which you can type text. If the box already contains text, you can select that default text or delete it and type new text. Use a keyboard to type or clipboard to paste text and numbers into the field.


check box (a.k.a. selection box): A square box that is selected or cleared to turn on or off an option. More than one check box can be selected. Use a mouse to click within the box to place a check mark symbol to indicate the option is selected.


option (a.k.a. radio button, option button): A round button used to select one of a group of mutually exclusive options. Use a mouse to click within the circle. The dot symbol indicates that the option is selected.


list (a.k.a. drop-down menu, combo box, or list box): A box with an arrow indicating a list that drops (expands) downward for viewing (may expand upward to take advantage of available screen real estate). Click the down arrow icon to list menu options, and then click the text to highlight and select an option.


button (a.k.a. command button, action button): A rectangular button with a text label that indicates the action to be performed. Use a mouse to click the button to initiate the action.

Link (external file or Web page hyperlink): Use a mouse to click on the underlined text (usually blue in color) to navigate to a different Web page or system within the same Web browser (may open a new pop-up window).

link-return value

Link: An internal hyperlink to a different place on the current page, a different screen within the current application, or a related system. Use your mouse to click on the underlined text to cause the desired information to appear.


Logging on and off the KFS