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The Campus Maintenance Document is used to identify the different fiscal and physical operating entities of an institution for use in the KFS. A campus may be identified as a fiscal entity, a physical entity, or both.

When the user chooses the Campus option, the system displays the Campus Lookup screen. After the user selects a campus or clicks the create new button, the system presents the CampusMaintenanceDocument.


Document Layout


The Campus Maintenance document includes the Edit Campus tab. In edit mode, the Edit Campus tab presents a display-only set of fields on the left and editable fields on the right in which the user may enter changes.

Edit Campus tab definition



Campus Code

Required. The unique identifying code assigned to a campus.

Campus Name

Required. The familiar name for a specific university campus.

Campus Short Name

Required. An abbreviated name for a specific campus; used in reports in which space is limited.

Campus Type Code

Required. Indicates the type of campus. Valid values are:

B - Both

F - Fiscal

P - Physical

Active Indicator


Indicates whether this campus code is active or inactive. Remove the check mark to deactivate a campus code.