Business Rules

      More funds cannot be applied to an invoice than are owed to the invoice.

      To use non-AR functionality, the account to allocate funds must be active.

      When you enter the payment application through the Main Menu, the customer account must have unapplied cash currently in the processing organization's clearing account.

      When using payment application, the document must fully apply all funds. You must apply these funds to an invoice, to non-AR or reapply them to unapplied funds.

      If payment application is applying funds from Cash Control (CTRL) Document, the Customer Number entered must match with the Cash Control Document entered Customer Number to load invoices or unapplied funds.

      GLPE are generated only when related CTRL is FINAL.

      Auto APP job ignores any ENROUTE Customer Credit Memo (CRM), Customer Invoice Writeoff (INVW) and Payment Application (APP) documents.

      Returns an Info Message for 1st occurrence by document type ENROUTE (APP/CRM/INVW) when no documents exists.

      If a single or multiple APP ENROUTE exists, then info message would only return first occurrence (regardless if CRM/INVW ENROUTE exists).

      If either CRM or INVW ENROUTE exists, then info message would state these separately (when no APP ENROUTE exist).