Permissions Tab

This tab identifies the permissions associated with this role. Permissions authorize specific actions in the system with which they are associated. A role can have any number of permissions (including no permissions) associated with it.

Permissions tab definition



Add Permission ID

To add a permission to this role, enter the appropriate permission ID or search for and select a value using the Permission lookup _searchicon.


Click the Add button to add the selected permission to this Role document.

After you add a permission to the document, the system displays additional information about the permission.

pencil-small     Permissions cannot be edited via the Role document. Use the Permission document to perform this function.

Permission values displayed

Permissions tab definition, continued



Permission Namespace

Display only. The Namespace identifies the application and module associated with this permission.

Permission Identifier

Display only. The unique system-assigned ID number for this permission.

Permission Name

Display only. The descriptive name of this permission. This often identifies, in general terms, what the permission authorizes.

Permission Detail Values

Display only. The document types, tabs and/or fields this permission authorizes. Not all permissions have detail values.

Active Indicator


Display only. Indicator showing whether this permission is active within the system or not.


Click the Delete button to remove this permission from the role.

exclaim    You may delete a permission only if it has not yet been saved to the database (i.e., you added it to this role but have not yet submitted the document).


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