Accessing System Administration Functions

The Kuali Financial System 4.0 enables users with proper authorization to perform powerful functions that affect the entire system. These functions, which are accessible via the Administration menu tab, allow you to:

      Support the Kuali Identity Management (KIM) module and implement security based on accounting line attributes

      Define basic types of location and reference information

      Control the running of batch jobs

      Support the Kuali Enterprise Workflow (KEW) module and

      Enable authorized users to perform a variety of other functional and technical activities.

pencil-small     Only members of KFS-SYS Manager and KR-SYS Technical Administrator roles may initiate most documents in the Administration Menu. Other users may look up values from the lookup screens but may not be able to access other options at all.

The items listed on the Administration menu tab are organized into four submenus.

Administration submenus

Menu Category



Provides a means of viewing and updating KFS user identification information; configuring security based on accounting line attributes; defining valid values for various types of location information; and defining valid types of personal information collected for the Identity module.


Provides access to a variety of functional and technical configuration options that affect the entire KFS.


Allows you to view job schedules and manage key KFS batch upload processes.

go-arrow-red.gif   Batch functions that pertain specifically to Accounts Receivable, Financial Processing, and the General Ledger are not covered in this volume. For information about these batch functions, see Accounts Receivable, Financial Processing, and General Ledger (GL), respectively.


Allows you to monitor messages that are flowing through the service bus, view the Service Registry for it, and change the size of its thread pool. Also allows you to access any document in order to perform operations on it and generate statistics reports.