Open Encumbrances

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go-arrow-red.gif   For general information about entering lookup criteria, interpreting dollar accumulators, drilling down into inquiries to see more detail, and including or excluding pending entries, see GL Inquiries: Basic Information.

The Open Encumbrances inquiry displays the detail for open encumbrances. You must enter either the fiscal year, chart, and account number or the fiscal year and document number. The valid values you may choose from the encumbrance report include 'EX' (external encumbrances), 'IE' (internal encumbrance), and 'PE' (pre-encumbrance). External encumbrances are those that are owed externally to entities outside your institution, such as a purchasing system or travel system. Internal encumbrances represent things owed internally to the institution, such as encumbrances from a payroll system integrated with the KFS. Pre-encumbrances are established within the KFS via the Pre-encumbrance document. No further drilldown is available in this inquiry.


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