Labor Demerger Process

The Labor Demerger process is part of the laborScrubberJob that is initiated after the entries are validated and prior to the Labor Poster. It serves a similar purpose to the GL Demerger.

Using the errors identified by the 'Scrubber,' it locates all of the accounting entries for each document number with a reported error and removes these transactions from processing. This prevents KFS from posting unbalanced transactions to the Labor Ledger. Note that the Demerger will pull additional entries only for document types of ST (salary expense transfer) and BT (benefit expense transfer). This differs from the GL Demerger where entries are pulled regardless of document type.

The process creates a scrberr2 file in the origin entry directory with all of the transactions for document numbers with errors (this is the primary error correction file for the Labor Ledger Correction Process e-doc). It also generates statistics as part of the accounting cycle control totals, recording the number of records in the error group and the number of valid transactions read.

An error listing report is also created that lists all records with errors and all records demerged along with them.

The following reports are created in the Labor Transaction Demerger process:


Labor Ledger Poster