The 2PLG Object Codes

If a user adjusts salary funding through the use of the organization salary setting by incumbent or position or by the normal means of setting salaries by account, the system adds an offsetting adjustment accounting line to the affected account's expenditure budget. 2PLG accounting lines are created whenever salaries are adjusted.

The expenditure object code 2PLG (Temporary BC Salary Offset) is automatically inserted by the system into each account in which the request funding has been affected by the organization 'Salary Setting by Incumbent/Position'. The total effect on a funding line for a given account is reflected in the 2PLG code on the expenditure screen, appearing at the end of the salary object codes. If multiple funding lines are adjusted using the Salary Setting by Incumbent or Salary Setting by Position process that affects a single account, the 2 PLG code accumulates all changes and displays the total effect of all changes to all salary object codes in the single request amount.


2PLG is added to ensure that any previous user's work balancing an account is not affected by adjustments. It also serves as a signal that adjustments that may affect his/her account have been made by someone else. 2PLG is used to temporarily balance the account during incumbent or position budgeting and must be removed before final approval. 2PLG is not loaded into the general ledger.

exclaim    Salary Setting Fund Group and Sub-Fund Group: At Indiana University (and in KFS), Contracts and Grants BC Pending Budget GL data is not loaded to the GL. IU loads only the salary portion for these accounts into payroll. The set of fund or sub-fund groups handled in this way is controlled by the parameters SALARY_SETTING_FUND_GROUPS and SALARY_SETTING_SUB_FUND_GROUPS. The user cannot even add accounting lines for non-detail salary objects in these types of accounts.

exclaim    2 PLG Object Codes: The 2PLG object code must exist in the system as an inactive object code for every chart. For each chart, the 2PLG object code is copied to the next year via the FiscalYearMaker job.


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