Target Asset Information Tab

Ordinarily, the Target Asset Information tab contains information about the surviving (target) asset—the asset that will absorb one or more other assets that are retired as the result of merge. That said, the user may also use this tab to make changes to the asset description or to change the asset description altogether. The Asset lookup searchicon enables the user to search for a different target asset.

Target Asset Information tab definition




Merged Target Asset Number

Required. Identifies the asset that will absorb the cost of the other asset(s) when they are retired. This entry defaults from the selected asset on the Asset Lookup results table but may be changed here. Enter the asset number or search for it from the Asset lookup searchicon.

Asset Description

Required. Freeform text describing the target asset in full detail. System-generated entry is based on the asset number but may be changed here.

Organization Owner Organization Code

Display-only. Determined by the owner account number, this code identifies the organization responsible for the target asset.

Asset Type Code

Display-only. The code used to classify the type of assets grouped by categories.

Create Date


Display-only. The date the target asset was added to the asset database.

In-Service Date

Display-only. The date the target asset is placed in service and becomes eligible for depreciation.

Depreciable Life Limit

Display-only. The number of years over which the asset will be depreciated or the number of years in the useful life of the asset.


Retirement Information Tab