Capital Asset Builder AP Transactions

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The Capital Asset Builder AP Transactions screen allows you to retrieve purchase order and payment information from the Purchasing system. After retrieving a PO, you may split or merge line items to create new capital assets and process any related payment or credit memo requests.

When you select Capital Asset Builder AP Transactions from the menu, the system displays the CAB Purchasing Accounts Payable Report and Lookup screen.

Here you may enter information into any combination of search fields in order to retrieve the purchase orders you want to work with.

CAB Purchasing Accounts Payable Transactions Report and Lookup definition




Purchase Order


Purchase order to search for. Enter a purchase order number to retrieve all invoices for a given purchase order.

Document Type


Specify the document type to search for—either 'PREQ' for payment request or 'CM' for credit memo


To search for a specific payment request or credit memo, enter the payment request number or the credit memo number

Document Number


To search for a payment request or credit memo by document number, enter the unique, sequential, system-assigned number of the desired document.

Chart Code


To search for documents by chart code, enter the desired chart code. The system retrieves all payment requests and credit memos for the specified chart.

Fiscal Year


To limit the search by fiscal year, enter the year. The system retrieves payment requests and credit memos posted to the G/L during the specified year. This selection criterion along with the fiscal period is very helpful for processing yearend transactions.

Fiscal Period

Specify the desired fiscal period to limit the search by fiscal period.

Transaction Post Date From/To

To limit search to payment requests and credit memos posted to the G/L on a date or within a specific date range, enter the dates.

Submit to CAMS

Use this field to indicate whether to retrieve account lines that have been submitted to CAM. Select 'Yes,' 'No,' or 'Both'.

      When Submit to CAMS is set to 'Yes in the search result shows the account lines being submitted to CAMs via the create asset or apply payment button.

      When 'No' is selected, the search result shows the account lines not submitted to CAMs yet (that is, the pending transactions that need to be processed).

After you enter search criteria and click search, the system displays a list of matching transactions at the bottom of the screen.

go-arrow-red   For more information about the columns in the search results display, see the help documentation on the various document types.

To process one of these transactions, click the process link in the Actions column. The system displays the Purchasing/Accounts Payable Transactions screen for the related purchase order.


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