Business Rules

      If the items being received relate to a purchase order, the receiving document is automatically populated with vendor and delivery information from the purchase order. This document becomes a 'related document' to the purchase order.

      A purchase order number is not required. If the user does not enter a purchase order number on the initial screen, then all fields that are stored on the receiving document are editable.

      If the Vendor Date, Packing List #, or Bill of Lading # values entered on the Bulk Receiving Initiation tab already exist on a Bulk Receiving document for the purchase order, the system displays a message indicating that the document may be a duplicate.

      The print button is displayed at the bottom of the screen only after the submit button has been clicked.

      If a purchase order number was not entered, the View Related Documents tab contains no related documents.

      If there is visible damage to the packing, then notes are used to record this damage. This information is important to record if the product inside the package is also damaged. This information may assist with determining whether the product was damaged during the shipping process vs. after the delivery was made.