After you enter lookup information, the system generates the transaction summary as a .pdf file.

The report is the same for true endowments and non-endowments, but it differs depending on whether you select Detail, Total, or Both.

      If you request a detail report, the output includes a separate page or pages for each KEMID.

      If you request a total report, the output is a single total report incorporating the data from all selected KEMIDs. This report contains only a Totals column; it does not contain columns of data headed Income and Principal.

      If you request both, the system generates two separate .pdf files, one for the detail reports and one for the totals.

In this report, if no beginning cash record is found for the KEMID, but a record for the ending cash is found for it, the beginning cash is zero. If a beginning cash record is found for the KEMID but no ending cash record is found, the ending cash is reported as zero.


Trial Balance (endowments)