Business Rules

      Create asset

The user must verify that the capital information provided on the financial document is correct. Before processing the accounting line, view the financial document by clicking the hyperlink for the document number. Review the financial document to ensure that the equipment meets the capitalization requirements. Review the notes. Notes may specify how the asset should be created or specify that it be held for processing until problems are resolved.

Selecting the create asset button opens the Asset Global (Add) document with information previously supplied by the processor.

Document goes to 'Final' status.

      Add payment

The asset number is populated from the asset number entered on the financial document.

When the user selects to add a payment, KFS opens the Asset Payment document populated with information from the existing asset. The user is simply adding a Payment record. This function copies the payment amount from the financial record.

Payments initiated by CAB are display-only on the Add Payment and Asset Global documents.

Payments can be applied only to active capital assets. The asset status must be 'A,' 'C,' 'S,' or 'U'.

      Payment edit:

The system compares the object codes on the payments that have already been applied to the asset and those of the payment being saved. If the object codes are not in the same asset category, the system generates a warning message.

      Lock assets (prevents other actions from taking place until the payment is posted)

An active valid asset number in CAB is locked until the line item is processed. Consequently, a transfer, retirement, merge, add payment, or separate transaction cannot be processed against the asset by the user until the line item has been fully processed in CAB. A document is considered fully processed when the Add Payment or Asset Global (Add) document has a status of 'processed' or 'final'.

Merging a line item with an asset number unlocks the asset.

Creating an asset for a line item with an asset number unlocks the asset.

      Credit memo for a payment request

A credit memo against a vendor creates a G/L transaction.

      Nightly batch processes that prepare transactions for the Capital Asset Builder processes:

'Nightly out' collects the documents.

'Scrubber'' creates the plant fund entries.

Poster' moves the pending entries, including plant fund, to posted entries.

'Clear pending entries' clears them from the various e-docs.

'CAB extract' creates the entries for CAB.