Initiating a Journal Voucher Document

1.     Select Journal Voucher from the Financial Processing submenu group in the Administrative Transactions submenu on the Main Menu tab.

2.     Log into the KFS as necessary.

A blank JV document with a new document ID appears.

3.     Complete the Journal Voucher tab.

4.     Complete the standard tabs.

pencil-small       For the balance type 'EX, in the Accounting Lines tab contains extra fields.

go-arrow-red     For information about the standard tabs such as Document Overview, Notes and Attachments, Ad Hoc Recipients, Route Log, and Accounting Lines tabs, see Standard Tabs.

5.     Click buttonsmall_submit.

6.     Review the General Ledger Pending Entries tab.

There are no system-generated entries for the JV document.

7.     Review the Route Log tab.

No approval is required.

go-arrow-red     For more information about the Route Log, see Route Log.