Route Status

Route status indicates where a document is in its routing process. For any given document, the system displays route status in both the Route Log tab and the document header.

The following table summarizes the meaning of various route statuses in the KEW.

Route status




The document has been approved. The document is now a valid business transaction in accordance with institutional needs and policies. See note below.



The document is denoted as void and should be disregarded. This status is applied to a document when an initiator creates a document and cancels it before submitting it for approval.


The document has been committed to the database. See note below.



The document has been disapproved by an approver.



The document has pending approval requests.



The document has been routed to an exception queue because workflow has encountered an error when trying to process its routing.



The document has been routed and has no pending approval or acknowledgement requests. Documents in 'Final' status are considered approved in that documents in this status affect the General Ledger or update Chart of Accounts values.



The document has been created but has not yet been saved or submitted.



The document has no pending approval requests but still has one or more pending acknowledgement requests. Processed documents are considered approved, so they impact the General Ledger or update Chart of Accounts values.


The document has been started but not completed or routed yet. The save action allows the initiator of a document to save his or her work and close the document. The document may be retrieved from the initiator's action list for completion and routing at a later time.

pencil-small     A user does not ordinarily see a Status value of 'Approved' or 'Committed'. The system displays these statuses to users only as a result of a system error or performance issue.


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