The document routes to the fiscal officer for the account indicated on the document. If the document edits an existing account and includes a change to the value of the Fiscal Officer field, the document routes first to the current fiscal officer and then to the newly designated fiscal officer.

      The document routes to the Org Reviewer based on the organization assigned to the account.

      The document routes to the Chart Manager based on the chart assigned to the account.

      If the account is a Contracts and Grants account, the document routes to a KFS-SYS Contracts & Grants Processor role for approval.

      Non-Contracts and Grants accounts route to the University Chart Manager for final approval.

      As a KFS User, the Account Supervisor receives an FYI copy of the document.

pencil     Contracts and Grants (Award) routing is available only where the Contracts and Grants module is implemented.

COA Account maint document


Account Global