Business Rules

      Only active, quantity-based line items on the purchase order will load when the Receiving document is initiated.

      When the Receiving document is submitted, the Qty Received and Qty Damaged are updated on the purchase order with the Qty Received - Qty Returned and Qty Damaged values on the Receiving document.

      When the Receiving document is submitted, all line items that have no receiving activity are deleted from the document.

      The system does not allow the Qty Received, Qty Returned, or Qty Damaged to be less than 0.

      Notes in the Notes and Attachments tab are used to record any additional detail about damaged goods.

      If Qty Returned or Qty Damaged is > 0 on any line item, a note is required when the document is submitted.

      Unordered items generate a purchase order amendment. The new line item is added to the purchase order and purchasing will add the unit cost and the accounting string.

      After the document has been submitted, a correction document needs to be processed to reduce or increase the quantity received, returned, and/or damaged if the original entered amounts are determined to be in error.

      The fiscal officer receives an FYI from the submitted Receiving document if any item has damaged quantities and/or if any item's total received is more than was ordered.

pencil-small     FYI routing is not possible for unordered items because there are no accounts associated with them. The unordered item generates a purchase order amendment so that accounts and unit costs can be added to the PO. When Purchasing completes the purchase order amendment, an FYI will be sent to the fiscal officer at that time.