Payment Info Section

Payment Info section definition




Type of Recurring Payment

Optional. Select the proper recurring payment schedule from the list. Examples include 'Fixed Schedule, Fixed Amount,' 'Fixed Schedule, Variable Amount' and 'Variable Schedule, Variable Amount'.

Begin/End Date

Required if Type of Recurring Payment has been selected. Enter dates indicating the time period during which the order is active, or search for the dates from the calendar _cal.

Recurring Payment Amount

Optional. If a recurring payment type of 'fixed schedule' or 'fixed amount' has been selected, complete the remaining fields in this section.


Optional. Enter the dollar amount of the recurring payment.

First Payment Date

Optional. Enter the date on which the first recurring payment should be made or search for the date from the calendar _cal. This date is used to determine subsequent payments based on the frequency. For example, if the frequency is 'monthly' and the first payment date is 01/01/2010, the subsequent payments occur on the first of the month.


Optional. Select a number to indicate how often recurring payments should be made.

Initial & Final Payment Amount

Optional. Enter the amount of the initial and final payments if those amounts differ from the amount in the Amount field above.

Initial & Final Payment Date

Optional. Enter the dates on which the initial and final payments are to be made if those dates differ from the date in the First Payment Date field. Or search for the dates from the calendar _cal.


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