Invoice Info Tab

The Invoice Info tab provides a means for display and modification of invoice information.

Invoice Info tab definition




Invoice Number

Display-only. Populated from the Payment Request Initiation tab.

Pay Date


Defaults to the date automatically calculated by the system. If payment terms are edited, the system repopulates this field only if it is blank. Override the automatic entry by entering a pay date or selecting it from the calendar _cal.

pencil-small    Pay Date Calculations: The pay date is calculated automatically as follows. The payment terms specified are applied to the invoice date to generate a pay date. The payment terms parameters are in the Payment Terms Type table. Additionally, ten days (or another institutionally defined default number of days) are added to the current date to generate a pay date. KFS selects the later of these two dates and uses it as the default pay date for this Payment Request document.

The pay date may be entered manually, but it must not be a past date. If the date is more than 60 days from the current date, the system displays a warning message.

(Immediate Pay)

Optional. Select the Immediate Pay check box if a check is needed on the same day. This indicator allows for an approved payment request to be extracted for payment during the day.

Invoice Date

Display-only. Populated from the Payment Request Initiation tab.

PO End Date

Display-only. The purchase order end date, if any, is automatically populated from the PO.

Payment Attachment Indicator

Optional. Select the check box if an attachment (such as a copy of the invoice) must be returned to the Vendor with this payment.

Extract Date

Display-only. The date the Payment record is extracted to the Pre-Disbursement Processor.

Bank Code

Required. The bank code will be displayed only if the Bank_Code_Document_Types includes 'PREQ' and Enable_Bank_Specification_Ind='Y'. The default bank is determined by the Default_Bank_By_Document_Type parameter. You may override this value by entering another bank code or selecting it from the Bank lookup searchicon.

Purchase Order Number

Display-only. The PO number associated with this invoice. This is the PO number used on the initiation screen.

PO Notes

Display-only. If notes have been added to the PO, this field contains the value 'Yes'.

Payment Request Cost Source

Display-only. Automatically populated from the PO if it exists.

Payment Classification

Display-only. Not currently used. In KFS 4.0 the field will always be null. In a future enhancement, when wire transfer and foreign drafts are processed on Payment Request documents, this field will be populated.

Vendor Invoice Amount

Display-only. The vendor total invoice amount as entered on the Payment Request Initiation tab. This field is displayed only on an 'In Process' PREQ document. When the document is submitted, the system no longer carries the field and the value forward.

AP Processed Date

Display-only. The date the PREQ was submitted by an Accounts Payable processor.


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