Vendor Info Section

Vendor Info section definition




Vendor Choice

Required. Select the reason that this vendor was selected to fill this purchase order from the Vendor Choice list.

Customer #

Optional. Enter or look up a customer number that identifies your institution or department for this vendor's reference.

Notes to Vendor

Optional. Include any text you want the vendor to see on the PO.

Contract Name

Optional. If a contract exists with the vendor for these goods or services, search for it from the Contact lookup searchicon.

Phone Number

Optional. Enter the selected vendor's phone number.

Fax Number

Optional. Enter the selected vendor's fax number.

Payment Terms


Optional. Select the payment terms from the Payment Terms list.

Shipping Title


Optional. Select the shipping title from the Shipping Title list.

Shipping Payment Terms


Optional. Select the shipping payment terms from the Shipping Payment Terms list.


Optional. If the vendor has multiple contacts, select the appropriate contact for this PO.

Supplier Diversity


Display-only. The information appears if the selected vendor has been assigned a supplier diversity type.

Alternate Vendor for Non-Primary Vendor Payment

Optional. Used any time a purchasing needs to give accounts payable the option to pay one vendor or another. Examples include third-party receivables or escrow accounts for construction payments. To search for a vendor, use the lookup _searchicon. To remove an alternate vendor, click remove alternate vendor.


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