Tax Lot Lines Tab

This tab displays information about the tax lot(s) affected by each transaction line entered. All entries in this tab are system-generated after you add a transaction line. The total number of tax lot lines is displayed in parentheses to the right of the tab header. The tax lot entries are based on the tax lot indicator associated with the security you specified and whether or not the transaction involves cash.

If you change the transaction line units or amount or delete the transaction line, the system corrects the entries in the Tax Lots Lines tab automatically.

go-arrow-red   All calculations for tax lot lines are rounded according to the standard KFS endowment rules for rounding. For more information on these rules, see Standard Rounding Rules.

Tax Lot Lines tab definition



Line Number

Display only. Indicates the transaction line with which this tax lot is associated.

Transaction Lot Number

Display only. Identifies the tax lot affect by the transaction line. Display only. The tax lot referenced must have sufficient units and value to complete the transaction.


Display only. Indicates the number of units or shares in the tax lot.

Holding Cost

Display only. Indicates the original cost of the units being reduced. When the system processes the tax lot lines, it multiplies the total of the lot holding cost in the tax lot lines by -1 and displays the value as a negative number.

Acquired Date

Display only. Indicates the date the security was acquired.


Click a button to perform an action on this tax lot. The only action allowed is delete, which removes the tax lot from the calculations for the transaction. When you delete a lot, the system recalculates and updates the remaining lots in the tab.


Process Overview