Vendor Tab

The Vendor tab contains vendor details related to the items being received.

pencil-small     The fields on this screen are display-only if this document relates to a purchase order. If the document is not related to a PO, you may edit the fields.

Vendor tab definition





If a purchase order number was entered, contains the vendor's name and address. If a purchase order number was not entered in the initiation tab, the field is just for the vendor's name. The vendor's name, number, and address can be manually entered or retrieved via the Vendor lookup _searchicon.


This lookup _searchicon allows the initiator to view contacts associated with a vendor. The system does not return these contacts to the document.

Alternate Vendor

If Purchasing has associated an alternate vendor on the purchase order, that vendor's name is displayed here.

Goods Delivered By

Initially displays the vendor's name, but if the alternate vendor shipped the goods and the alternate vendor button is selected, then that vendor's name is displayed here.

Tracking/Pro #

The tracking number for this order.

Packing Slip #

The packing slip number for the received goods.

Bill of Lading #

The bill of lading number for the received goods.


The weight of the received carton.

Date Received

Required. The date these goods were received. The default is today's date. Enter the date or select it from the calendar cal.

Reference #

Optional. An additional number that can be assigned to this document such as an internal tracking number that can then be used in the custom search.



The carrier's name that was selected on the Initiation tab.

# of Pieces

Required. The number of items received.


Delivery Tab