Delivery Tab

The Delivery tab contains delivery details related to the items being received.

Delivery tab definition




The deliver-to name and the delivery address for receipt of the order. If this Bulk Receiving document was not initiated against a PO number, you may enter delivery information manually or by using the lookups _searchicon.

Requisition Preparer

The name of the user who created the requisition.


The name of the person requesting the good or services from the original requisition.

Requestor's Phone Number

The requestor's phone number.

Contact Name

The name of the person to be contacted if there are questions about received item(s) if the requestor is not to be contacted.

Contact Phone

The contact's phone number.

Contact Email

The contact's email address.

Delivery Instructions


Additional delivery instructions or other notes (regarding damage to cartons, etc.) to be printed on the ticket. This field is editable.

Additional Delivery Instructions

Any additional delivery instructions for the item(s). This field is editable.



Required. The delivery campus will default to the appropriate campus for the user's chart/organization.


Process Overview