Edit Global Delegate Tab

The Edit Global Delegate tab works much as the Edit Account Delegate tab of the Account Delegate document works. This tab contains all the non-account attributes that can be modified on this document. The required fields on the Account Delegate Global document are the same as the required fields on the Account Delegate document.

lightbolb-small   The Account Delegate Global document does not update existing records; it creates new records which replace any existing records. For example, if 1031400 account has a CREQ (AP Check Request) delegate, and a Account Delegate Global document is submitted for 1031400 that creates a delegate for TF (Transfer of Funds) and DV (Disbursement Voucher) but does not specify one for CREQ, the existing CREQ delegation becomes inactive.

Click tinybutton-show and tinybutton-hide to collapse for the better viewing of the document.

go-arrow-red   For more information about how to complete the Edit Global Delegate tab, see Account Delegate.


Edit List of Accounts Tab