Edit Tab

Each document has its own unique tab named Edit xxx, where xxx is the name of the table values that you want to maintain. The layout and data fields within the Edit tab vary depending on the document type and whether you are creating, editing or copying the document.

The Edit tab has one section when you are creating a new value. As shown below, the tab has two sections: Old and New when you are editing the existing code.


This display allows  the document to serve as an audit trail for the maintenance table update history. In the New section, only non-identifying fields are editable.

exclaim     Non-Editable Documents: There are some view-only documents which are not editable because all fields in the table are key identifying fields. The tables in this category include the ICR Exclusion by Type, Travel Company, and Labor Object Code Benefits. When you search for a document, you are not able to see the edit link in the lookup screen. These tables must be updated directly in the database by the technical staff.



Other Common Tabs