The procedures for processing CR documents are slightly different than for other financial documents. Upon submission, CR documents route directly to the members of the KFS-FP Cash Manager role associated with the CR initiator's campus code. This role will verify cash receipts and prepare bank deposits (the role members may be part of the campus Bursar's office, for example). After a CR document has been submitted by the initiator, ad hoc routing is not available to anyone else. If a fiscal officer wishes to see and approve the document before it is processed by the Cash Manager role, the initiator must ad-hoc route the document to the fiscal officer. Each unit that verifies cash receipts and prepares bank deposits uses a Cash Management document (CMD) to consolidate the cash receipts into bank deposits.

exclaim     How CR approvals work: The approval of CR documents is controlled by the campus associated with each role member in the KFS-FP Cash Manager role. The CR document is routed to the role members associated with the campus that the initiator is associated with based on their KFS-SYS User role (or the campus associated with the Department ID on their Person profile). The initiator of the CR document cannot be a member of the KFS-FP Cash Manager role.


Initiating a Cash Receipt Document