Outstanding Invoice Report

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The Outstanding Invoice Report shows how long invoices from any or each customer have been outstanding or past due. The report returns a report or print file of invoices not yet paid.

Outstanding Invoice Report - Currently has Age in Days calculated from Invoice Date. NOTE: This is accurate from an AR perspective as aging is different than overdue reporting. This report is Not aging but simply an overdue report. It was agreed to add a new column to calculate "Days Past Due" to inform users what is overdue and the number of days per Invoice Due Date. Again this is NOT Aging but an Overdue Report.

i. Added new Search Criteria Field: Past Due Age in Days which calculates from Invoice Due Date (Existing Age in Days calculates from Invoice(Billing) Date) and allow negative value for days.

ii. Added results column: Past Due Age in Days which may return/allow negative days.

Age in Days is calculated from Invoice Date.


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