Kuali Enterprise Workflow (KEW)

The Kuali Enterprise Workflow (KEW) is a general purpose, content-based electronic routing infrastructure or workflow engine. Client applications use the KEW to automate and regulate the routing and approval processes for the transactions/documents they create. Worflow starts with an e-doc that users compose in a client application such as the KFS or another Web application that requires routing and approval of documents. The KEW electronically routes the e-doc to designated individuals and groups for approval in a prescribed sequence, according to established university or departmental business rules and policies based on the e-doc's content.

The KEW streamlines mediated business processes across the enterprise. Via the KEW centralized routing system, users can access and search for many types of e-docs from various client applications, such as HR, Purchasing, Travel, Research Administration, Timekeeping, etc.

Accessing the appropriate documents is accomplished from a single location that provides both action list and doc search buttons. The Route Log for each document allows users to follow its progress.

go-arrow-red   For more information about KEW, see Workflow: Overview and Key Concepts.


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