Business Rules

      The POA may be initiated only by the members of the Purchasing Processor role.

      The PO must be in an 'Open' status.

      If there are payment requests (PREQs) or vendor credit memos (CMs) in process, the amend button is not displayed.

      The system adds a note with the date the amendment was started, the person who started the amendment, the information entered on the ''confirm' page, and the previous document number.

      If payment requests (PREQs) or credit memos (CMs) have been processed, the Receiving Required field cannot be changed.

      The fiscal year cannot be changed

      The contract manager cannot be changed.

      If the PO has gone through the quote process, the vendor cannot be changed

      The item type cannot be changed (from 'QTY' to 'NON QTY' or 'NON QTY' to 'QTY')

      If there are unpaid payment requests (PREQs) or credit memos (CMs), the existing line items cannot be changed.

      If the item invoiced amount is greater than 0, the line item cannot be deleted; it can only be deactivated.

      New line items can always be added.

      If modifying an existing line item. the amount cannot go below what has already been invoiced.

      CAMS data can always be changed.

      If the CAMS system type is changed, this note is added: 'The capital asset system type of <old system type> was changed during the PO amendment'.

      Inactive items are display-only (including CAMS data).

      There must be at least one active line item when the submit button is selected.

      Fiscal officers receive an FYI when the amendment is completed.

      During the amend process, the original PO document (before the amend button was selected) will have a document status of 'pending amendment' and the newly created document will have a status of 'change in process'. After the amendment has been submitted, the original document status changes to 'retired version' and the amendment's status changes to 'open'.

      Users are not allowed to create Receiving documents, payment requests, or credit memos against a PO that has a pending amendment.