Account Status (Base Funds)

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This inquiry compares the base budget for each labor object code on an account to the total calculated salary foundation (CSF) amount on the account. The base budget for the object code is established at budget construction time as an aggregate amount for all people and vacant lines within the account and object code. It may be adjusted during the year as changes occur in the accounts, or it may remain the same to be adjusted again at the time of the next budget construction.

The calculated salary foundation (CSF) amount is also calculated based on the personnel action activity in order to create the amount to be used in budget construction for the next year for each person, position, and account. For example, if a position is reclassified during the year, and a pay increase is processed, the CSF for that amount is increased. The base budget may or may not be increased.

pencil-small     The CSF information in this help documentation explains the intent and general function of the CSF tracker. KFS does not contain code to calculate or maintain CSF information. If your institution wishes to make use of this data on these inquiry screens you will need to calculate CSF information in an external payroll system and populate the KFS tables with this data.


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